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Yeah - moved to a new server a few days ago (still the same great provider [Bauer+Kirch GmbH], but a better machine). Lot's of things are better, faster and more save now ...! I just read a very interesting... Read more

Published on 21 July, 02:37 PM.

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Entertained myself with installing PHP 4.0.7-dev and a the latest version of MySQL on my local linux box. But now it's all finished and Apache 1.3.20, PHP 4.0.7-dev (yesterday's snapshot) and MySQL 3.23.38 are running flawlessely.... Read more

Published on 19 July, 10:29 PM.

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I just noticed, that I haven't posted very much to the net diary in the last weeks ;-). A few days ago I went shopping - man, I really spent lot's of money (when I say 'lots', I really mean... Read more

Published on 14 July, 12:28 PM.