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» Review: Matrix Reloaded

Last Tuesday I went to see Matrix Reloaded in cinema.Before that, a lot of people told me that they were disappointed about the movie, that the plot was unrealistic and some even said that there was no plot at all.... Read more

Published on 31 May, 12:46 PM.

» httpmail support for fetchmail

Ben Fowler writes about the httpmail protocol in his Advogato diary. Integrating this into fetchmail sounds like a pretty reasonable idea, because a lot of nerds could then sign up for Hotmail accounts and read them in their favourite mail... Read more

Published on 31 May, 12:28 PM.

» <No Title>

The only good thing about being sick is that you can watch movies the whole day without having a bad conscience about it. Thus I saw A Beautiful Mind and Blue Velvet yesterday, which both were not that bad at... Read more

Published on 22 May, 11:31 AM.

» <No Title>

Being polite on mailing lists I have read a lot of mailing lists in the past. But I haven't stumbled across one where the tone tends to become more rude than on the PEAR developers mailing list: The blowoff has... Read more

Published on 17 May, 05:42 PM.

» <No Title>

Writing this via a connection over my brand new Wireless Access Point. At the moment I'm sitting outside and there is one concrete wall and a air-line distance of about 10m between my notebook and the access point. The signal... Read more

Published on 8 May, 04:12 PM.

» <No Title>

Getting cash out of Telemarketers (via Jeremy Zawodny) Would be nice to know if accusing Telemarketers in any way is also possible in Germany. Someone has an idea?... Read more

Published on 7 May, 06:32 PM.

» <No Title>

Sterling Hughes rants about attending this years PHP Conference in Amsterdam: I'd much rather be at home, sleeping, working, whatever. That's the main reason, why I don't attend to Conferences that regularly, like I perhaps should: Getting there is simply... Read more

Published on 7 May, 09:18 AM.