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» Intelligent search

Tim Bray talks about intelligent search: [...] any search system that could exhibit the kind of intelligence I've described could as a side-effect pass the Turing test, and perhaps qualify for citizenship and protection under the laws of the land.... Read more

Published on 25 June, 01:24 PM.

» JSR 223: Scripting language support for Java

During the JavaOne Conference Sun has announced the specification JSR 223, which provides a interface to integrate Java Objects in scripting languages like PHP or ASP. To a certain extent, this has been possible with PHP since the early days... Read more

Published on 16 June, 08:30 PM.

» Latte Macchiato

Even though I don't dring coffee regularly, I'm a big fan of Latte Macchiato for a short time now. (And it really tastes much better than it looks on the picture.)Now I only need to get the fitting glasses.... Read more

Published on 16 June, 10:50 AM.

» Spammers asking for bandwidth

This request was sent to me and got filtered by by anti-spam-measures: Need a person to host an offshore proxy server capable of sending email. Please understand this server will be used to contact millions of opt-in subscribers to a... Read more

Published on 7 June, 01:01 PM.