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» I'm back

I went to see Terminator 3 in a premiere (the movie is regularly going to start on Thursday in Germany) last night.Schwarzenegger's comments in the first half of the film made me laugh a few times, but recapitulating the movie... Read more

Published on 29 July, 06:24 PM.

» Search Engine merry-go-round

So Yahoo bought Overture. What's left on the market now? Belongs to Overture Overture: Belongs to Y! Inktomi: Belongs to Y! AltaVista: Belongs to Fast Search & Transfer Google: Available yet. Maybe MSN would like to give it a... Read more

Published on 16 July, 10:59 PM.

» Threading Mail

About two weeks ago I entertained myself a bit with nested trees in databases. To get some experience with it, I imported a mbox file containing postings to a high-traffic mailing list into MySQL. (With the help of some PEAR... Read more

Published on 16 July, 10:46 PM.

» Magura Trouble

The pressure point of my bikes' rear brake seems to be the polar opposite to constant, which tends to be pretty annoying. Now in order to get this fixed, I only need to figure out, if I want to apply... Read more

Published on 15 July, 05:51 PM.

» Living at Starbucks

Yesterday I read something (I lost the URL) about business people from Manhattan giving up their expensive office space and instead relocation to the next Starbucks store and working there permanently. Obviously Starbucks does not have anything against this as... Read more

Published on 11 July, 08:36 PM.

» IMAP: dovecot

Dovecot seems to be a nice IMAP server: Debian packages are available and it seems to work flawlessly with all my mbox files. More on this later, perhaps.... Read more

Published on 6 July, 07:19 PM.

» "Lass mich die Nacht überleben"

An anonymous author writes about his drug addiction (German). The text is both haunting and shocking at the same time and it definitively belongs to the best stuff I've ever read on Spiegel Online.... Read more

Published on 6 July, 11:19 AM.