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» New phone

Looks like I'm going to buy a new mobile phone in December. (That's when my current contract expires.) I'm considering getting the Siemens SL55, as it has some neato features and seems to be reasonably small like my current phone.... Read more

Published on 29 August, 11:58 AM.

» NTP flooding

Dave Plonka (University of Wisconsin-Madison) writes about a serious problem, they had with Netgear routers flooding their NTP servers. Pretty interesting to read.... Read more

Published on 23 August, 02:00 PM.

» Cooling down

Looks like the temperature is finally cooling down now after it has been once again incredibly hot today. The ongoing heat period has caused me to relocate the study time for my upcoming university tests to the early morning hours... Read more

Published on 10 August, 07:11 PM.