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» Sore Throat

Amoxi-Tablinen® 1000 mg - Yeah... Read more

Published on 29 September, 10:19 AM.

» Spam increasing on Sundays

Am I the only know who notices that the amount of incoming spam is increasing every Sunday?... Read more

Published on 28 September, 07:21 PM.

» Hardware issues

Looks like my local DSL gateway/mail server/... is having serious hardware problems: Some time ago the machine started freezing under more-or-less heavy load. Because the machine was performing write-intensive harddisk operations, when that happened, I first suspected the harddisk (Matrox... Read more

Published on 28 September, 07:15 PM.

» Meeting Wolfgang Clement

Today we went to see and hear Wolfgang Clement, who visited an economy fair near. The minister did not tell anything brand-new, (hey, what did I expect?) but it was cool to see him on stage and to hear him... Read more

Published on 28 September, 06:59 PM.

» Collateral damage

Yesterday someone tested the strength of my car's bumper by crashing her car into the back of mine. This terrific experiment resulted into the bumper (and probably some more stuff at my car) being damaged, which means that I'll have... Read more

Published on 17 September, 05:45 PM.

» Returned Mail

Looks like some morons are using random email addresses to send spam to non-existing email addresses, which produces a bunch of mailer daemon bounces for me. Great - this has increased the usual spam flood (which is filtered out... Read more

Published on 13 September, 08:07 PM.

» Denoser

That one definitively belongs to the category "Software that the world does not need": The infamous Denoser... Read more

Published on 12 September, 11:15 AM.

» Usability rant: Printing photos on the web

Something, I already had in my queue for a long time, is printing photos from my digital camera. Since I do not own either a color printer or a special photo printer, I decided to give Fujifilm's commercial photo-printing service... Read more

Published on 9 September, 07:30 PM.

» Diving into TCL

As a preparation for an upcoming university seminar I entertained myself with TCL a bit. What I've seen so far looks pretty slick and they seem to have avoided some of the mistakes, like inconsistent function names, PHP has done.... Read more

Published on 6 September, 05:37 PM.

» Housewifes TV

Being sick since Sunday evening, I've developed a certain passion for watching TV program for housewifes the whole morning. (Currently: Ralf Zacherl cooking with Kim Sanders) The disadvantage of my sickness is that I'm missing a university test today. Until... Read more

Published on 4 September, 11:33 AM.