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» Welcome to T-Mobile

The phone drama continues: Despite my recent announcement, I just ordered Siemens' S55. The ST55 dropped out, because it does not have a Bluetooth or IrDA device and does not come with a Java Engine: Having a built-in camera definitively... Read more

Published on 23 November, 07:37 PM.

» Siemens ST55

If nothing goes wrong in the next days, my new mobile phone will be Siemens' ST55. I already mentioned it back in August and now that it is really urgent to get a new phone, T-Mobile is offering it for... Read more

Published on 16 November, 05:24 PM.

» My brain is like a holey cheese

I have a terrible antipathy towards forgetting things and I'm usually pretty good in not forgetting too much stuff luckily. However this morning I stumbled over my holey brain again, when I forgot to take some semi-important sheets of paper... Read more

Published on 13 November, 10:20 AM.

» Shared Bookmarks

Jeremy Zawodny writes: Since I don't use bookmarks anymore, I've gotta put this stuff somewhere. Later on he explains that he does not use bookmarks anymore because there is no way to natively share them between different machines. I have... Read more

Published on 2 November, 03:07 PM.

» New TFT

Some days ago I got myself a TFT display after my ancient CRT monitor started doing weird things. I first considered getting a Iiyama TFT, but finally opted for a Samsung Syncmaster 191t, because it has a much thinner frame... Read more

Published on 1 November, 12:34 PM.

» R.E.M. — In Time

Even though R.E.M.'s latest album is available for sale already and I'm really inclined to buy it now, I've forced myself to wait until end of December to see if Santa Claus is going to deliver it ... Let's see... Read more

Published on 1 November, 12:03 PM.