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» Thanks guys, you are the greatest

Today I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the following people: The dumbasses that waste their time with inventing new mail worms. You guys do not do any harm to me directly, because I know how to protect myself... Read more

Published on 28 January, 04:11 PM.

» Weather forecast

Even though the small meteorological station on my desk has been forecasting heavy snow for at least 24 hours now, not even a single snow flake has come from the sky. This makes me wonder, on which information the precipitation... Read more

Published on 26 January, 09:33 PM.

» On switching search engines

Today: Something from the know-it-all dept. Meg Hourihan writes: I have no interest in switching to some new improved Yahoo or Microsoft search unless Google fails me. Does anyone actually remember the good old days when everybody was using AltaVista?... Read more

Published on 15 January, 07:36 PM.

» Addicted to Shoes

I'm not sure, if it's the beginning of being metrosexual, but in the past months I've been kinda addicted to cool shoes. (Maybe it's even a fetish - who knows?) Medium Footwear have a new collection of shoes, which contains... Read more

Published on 5 January, 01:04 PM.