I'm wondering why it is so hard for the governor of California (the actor formerly known as Terminator, The) to accept that the mayor of one of the biggest cities in his state has decided to allow something that has been allowed in other nations for a long, long time: Gay marriage.

Quoting Arnie:
[...] if San Francisco's mayor can hand out same-sex marriage licenses in violation of state law, there's nothing to stop another city from handing out assault weapon licenses, or drug-selling licenses.

I may be wrong, but to me this implies that he is equating gay marriage with national threats like non-regulated possession of firearms.
In this context it would be interesting to know if he still remembers Germany: That's the smallish country full of pacifists next to Austria, which is the place, where he used to grow up. If I remember correctly, gay marriage has been allowed here since late 2000, and do you know something? Germany is doing fine! Really fine. No riots, no people with guns in the streets, no military government and even the weather tends to be fine sometimes. Well, one might argue that the TV program has been getting worse since 2000, but I don't think one can blame the gays and their marriage ceremonies for that.

Written on 22 Feb 04 10:51 PM.