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» Premature concerns?

In Europe (or at least in Germany) there has been a bit of fuss about the soon-to-come expansion of the EU. What people seem to fear most is the fact that companies from countries such as Poland or the Czech... Read more

Published on 30 April, 10:21 PM.

» Intelligent cycling computers

I need somebody to invent a cycling computer that asks me to reset the daily distance from the previous day/trip. I constantly keep forgetting about that and as a result, both the average speed and the daily distance render totally... Read more

Published on 25 April, 08:27 PM.

» Exploring C#

One morning around Easter I was bored and had an initial look at C#. Today, after nearly amputating one of my toes (but that's another story), I think the world has a right to know about the results of my... Read more

Published on 17 April, 07:49 PM.

» Having the internet in my pants

Matt Haughey writes a bunch of nice stuff about Bluetooth. There are a lot of people around me that glorify it as well and I have started to regret that I did not opt for a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone back... Read more

Published on 14 April, 03:01 PM.