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» Coke Kills Teeth

Dear kids, I'm not sure if this niche of the web is hip enough to be frequented by you regularly, but if you do, please read on carefully -- you might be able to learn something today: Back when I... Read more

Published on 30 May, 07:17 PM.

» Touching the Void (Review)

Touching the Void is a documentation about two alpinists, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, who climb the west face of Siula Grande in Peru. On their way back from the summit to the base camp Simpson falls down a slope... Read more

Published on 23 May, 07:39 PM.

» Pollen ahead

So it looks like I was near some pollen airport yesterday, since everything I took outside is covered with a gluey, yellow patina of pollen grain now: My cell phone, shoes, keys, sun glasses, clothing and everything else that saw... Read more

Published on 20 May, 10:44 AM.

» Kinja

Some weeks ago I set out to use Kinja as my new weblog aggregator. At first I was a bit sceptic, because most comments about Kinja pinpointed the target group to people who are new to weblogs resp. unable to... Read more

Published on 16 May, 09:52 PM.

» Up there with the best of the best.

"Martin Jansen, Your ideal job is a Top Gun Pilot."... Read more

Published on 16 May, 03:55 PM.

» 3hive

If you are keen on good and free music of all genres, then 3hive is the place for you: Made up in the style of a weblog, they provide one or more songs (in MP3 format) each day. The files... Read more

Published on 14 May, 08:15 AM.

» Infinitely nerdy

Jesus, this is sooo nerdy: Google wants to raise the of e (Euler's number; the base of the natural logarithm) in their infamous IPO. Via Kottke's remaindered links.... Read more

Published on 4 May, 07:25 PM.