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» GMail invites for a good deed

Garrett Murray is giving away GMail invites to people that donate at least 5 dollars to the US National Multiple Sclerosis Society. That's by far the best and sensible idea I have seen so far in this whole I-have-invites--do-you-want-one? charade.... Read more

Published on 29 June, 09:24 PM.

» Shared Bookmarks II

Back in November last year I ranted about the lack of being able to share Mozilla bookmarks between different computers. Thanks to some super-duper guy (resp. gal) this problem now seems to be solved: Bookmarks Synchronizer is a Mozilla Firefox... Read more

Published on 29 June, 08:58 PM.

» Clamoring for the next generation

The infamous Joel Spolsky writes about ways in which HTML, CSS and JavaScript need to be improved to make it possible to implement smooth user interfaces in browsers. If you are not part of the conglomerate of poor souls being... Read more

Published on 18 June, 07:25 PM.

» European Union: Open document formats

Via Tim Bray: The people in charge of the infrastructure of the European Union have decided to recommend the XML file format for future document storage inside the union: Because of its specific role in society, the public sector... Read more

Published on 10 June, 03:27 PM.

» Intolerable Cruelty (Review)

Intolerable Cruelty is a surprisingly entertaining romantic comedy featuring George Clooney and the yummy Catherine Zeta-Jones. The story is built around Miles Massey (Clooney), a divorce attorney, and Marylin Rexroth (Zeta-Jones), who is specialized in making money out of her... Read more

Published on 1 June, 08:00 PM.