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» Policy of being lame

So Friendster not only has a policy of not being hacked, but their management also recently earned a policy of being invariably lame concerning publicity: They fired Joyce Park after noticing that she had written a prominent article about Friendster's... Read more

Published on 31 August, 12:35 PM.

» Birthmarks

Now that was scary: During last weeks vacation I noticed a pruritic birthmark on my right omoplate. The mark has been there as long as I can remember, but it never looked different or started itching. Until last week. Today,... Read more

Published on 24 August, 11:52 AM.

» Aggregation privacy

Jason Kottke and other smart folks have been writing a lot about extending the web to be the ultimate über-platform: In his latest illustration Kottke draws a picture of a centralized aggregation unit for personal information: To put this another... Read more

Published on 11 August, 09:29 PM.