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» Lea and Tabea

© Anne SchönhartingYesterday Dr. Benjamin Carson and his team at the Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins Hospital started to separate the German twins Lea and Tabea who are joined at the head. After some hours the surgery had to be interrupted because... Read more

Published on 12 September, 08:32 PM.

» Collaborated Syndication

Jim Winstead has touched an interesting topic in the content distribution world (and specifically in the world of RSS and Atom). In "decentralized web(site|log) update notifications and content distribution" he describes a scenario in which smart aggregation clients do not... Read more

Published on 10 September, 10:20 PM.

» Yummy

I recently got myself an account over at, which seems to be a fine service. The current plan is to mirror the link list from over to this site in the form of some fancy link weblog. On... Read more

Published on 9 September, 04:55 PM.