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» Saw (Review)

I saw (no pun intended) this movie in a Sneak Preview, which is common in cinemas across Germany. Basically it's what you would call a preview but you never know which movie you get until the curtain is drawn. I'm... Read more

Published on 28 January, 06:39 PM.

» Adapt

The label Stolen Moments has released the skating movie Adapt for free on their website. While I'm not into inline skating, I find it pretty impressive that someone gives away a full-blown movie in DVD quality (1.3 GB QuickTime) that... Read more

Published on 15 January, 06:03 PM.

» Mini

So everybody and their dog has understandably been in frenzy about the Mac Mini. Not only is everybody eager to get one themselves, but the Mac Mini also seems to be the best choice for the parts of the family... Read more

Published on 13 January, 07:31 PM.

» 11111010101

The old year went and the new year came. At least for some of us; some others are still in year 4701 (China), 5765 (Hebrew calendar) or 1425 (Islamic calendar). Personally last year was great and fulfilling for me, but... Read more

Published on 1 January, 03:21 PM.