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» Dr. No

My grandmother got me three James Bond movies on DVD for christmas. (How cool is that?) The first one I watched today was Dr. No, which is not only the first James Bond ever since, but also one of the... Read more

Published on 28 December, 12:49 PM.

» Thanks dude

Obviously Santa Claus is reading my weblog. Now Playing: Man On The Moon... Read more

Published on 25 December, 11:40 AM.

» Merry Christmas!

Merry christmas to all the faithful readers of this small niche on the web, who celebrate this day.... Read more

Published on 24 December, 01:48 PM.

» On technology and policy

Warren Ellis statements for 2004 contain a comment by Cory Doctorow talking about the role, technology and policy will play in the next 20 years: The last twenty years were about technology. The next twenty years are about policy. It's... Read more

Published on 24 December, 01:28 PM.

» White Christmas

It has been snowing the whole day now, which has resulted in a neat snow cover all around the place. (I'd post a picture here, if I wasn't too lazy to get up from the sofa to grab my camera.)... Read more

Published on 23 December, 05:40 PM.

» The Gender Genie

That's just to cool to be not mentioned here: The Gender Genie... Read more

Published on 18 December, 10:44 PM.

» Mere chance?

So it looks like Perl turned 16 today. As if that wasn't a great event on its own, I attended a well-made talk about Perl at university today, which was part of a consecutive series of talks about programming languages.... Read more

Published on 18 December, 07:25 PM.

» Who wants to buy my TV set?

In an act of nostalgic feelings, now that Harald Schmidt Show has been cancelled, I feel like writing down a bunch of phrases that describe the show best for me. So here we go: awesome, wonderful, provocative, megalomaniac, zynic, boring,... Read more

Published on 9 December, 09:26 PM.

» Being on hold

The only thing that's worse than being placed on hold, when calling some foo company, is being placed on hold and being forced to listen to Lighthouse Family, while waiting for someone, who is willing to answer my questions. Mental... Read more

Published on 5 December, 11:51 AM.

» MD5 passwords in Bugzilla

(Beware, high geek quotient here.) The following diff against the sources of Bugzilla 2.16.4 allows one to use MD5 hashed passwords instead of crypt'ed ones. Just in case you need that ...... Read more

Published on 4 December, 09:49 PM.

» May it rest in peace

So it really looks like CNet finally killed I haven't actually used the website myself, but it feels a bit peculiar, to see something, that wrote sort of web history, suddenly vanish.... Read more

Published on 4 December, 07:19 PM.