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» Gambling considered harmful

Today: A warning from the health minister: Gambling can be harmful to your health.... Read more

Published on 26 February, 07:40 PM.

» Disregarding State Law

I'm wondering why it is so hard for the governor of California (the actor formerly known as Terminator, The) to accept that the mayor of one of the biggest cities in his state has decided to allow something that has... Read more

Published on 22 February, 10:51 PM.

» The Next Move in Programming

In a recent interview Victoria Livschitz of Sun fame presents her abstract ideas for a new type of programming language, from which she expects that it will reduce the number of bugs in large software projects significantly. After explaining that... Read more

Published on 15 February, 02:57 PM.

» Carp(.pm) Pond

Today: Something which has been bugging me for quite some time now. Ever since I have started to use Movabletype (3 1/2 months ago), I from time to time stumble across the following error when using the MT interface or... Read more

Published on 13 February, 04:11 PM.

» Quote Of The Day

Nessuno ha mai sostenuto seriamente che i giochi siano inutili. -- Umberto Eco... Read more

Published on 8 February, 10:22 PM.