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» Google currency converter

What Google really seriously totally absolutely needs is a currency converter that works in the same fashion as the calculator feature. I don't know how often I already headed over to the Currency Converter at Yahoo Finance, which is of... Read more

Published on 26 February, 11:39 AM.

» Sellout

There are once again rumors that Yahoo is going to buy Ludicorp, the shop that runs Flickr. Keep your fingers crossed that Y! is smarter these days than at the time when they bought eGroups. Or were they already screwed... Read more

Published on 25 February, 04:29 PM.

» Trivialities

The day before yesterday I saw Constantine. I wasn't terribly impressed but also I wasn't terribly disappointed. Keanu Reeves looks like he looked in Matrix (same shoes, same coat), and the story is a bit too comic-alike for my taste.... Read more

Published on 23 February, 06:18 PM.

» Spyholes

So Mr Kottke and Matt Haughey have revitalized their webcams, which is sooooo 1998. The odd thing is that I cannot imagine working out of my kitchen like Jason does. Unless you are a chef, of course.... Read more

Published on 18 February, 12:10 PM.

» Audi & Alan Kay

There used to be times when quotes from famous classic authors or philosophers were used for remarkable headlines. Quite obviously times have changed, because the latest Audi Quattro commercial features the quote "The best way to predict the future is... Read more

Published on 12 February, 02:23 PM.

» Sympathy for the devil

During this whole Mark Jen and Google fuss in the past days it once again became clear that there are still a lot of people that haven't learned a single bit from the Dooce and her fellow sufferers. They still... Read more

Published on 12 February, 01:22 PM.

» Still want one?

I have a bunch of GMail invites left. If you want one, drop me a mail. You'll find the address on the contact page. Makes me wonder if there is anyone on the net without a GMail account ...... Read more

Published on 6 February, 03:32 PM.